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    Read Carefully For Client DOWNLOAD


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    Read Carefully For Client DOWNLOAD Empty Read Carefully For Client DOWNLOAD

    Post  Kevin on Fri Oct 14, 2011 7:48 pm

    Okay first thing you download both of these files the cache.rar and the Client. You extract all of them onto your desktop using WinRar, WinRar is an archiving program that is necessary for using the "extract" function. The extract function with WinRar is used by right-clicking on the ".rar" files. Once you have extracted them to your desktop move your new extracted version of the cache file into your C/: HardDrive ( My Computer>C/: )

    Here are the Downloads

    Client Download

    Next, open the extracted client file and run the client. There may be multiple clients to choose from, depending on your operating system, use any that apply.

    You should now be able to play Project Active! Enjoy.

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